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Nancy Qin

Office Manager

Nancy Qin holds over 10 years of experience in Sino-U.S. coordination and international entrepreneurship. She was the former international business manager for the fintech company Intop Technology Group, overseeing all China-U.S. communications with partners and service providers. Before that, she was the investor relations manager and corporate communications manager at American Education Center (AMCT), curating intercultural events and coordinating public and press communications.

In addition to her know-hows in the corporate world, Nancy is a seasoned translator of business, educational, and historical materials. She is the co-translator for the English edition of An Outline of Chinese Traditional Philosophy (2015), a graduate school level textbook by Dr. Cunshan Li of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Most recently, she is the translation team coordinator of the Chinese edition of Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop (Manning & Millman, 2020). 

Nancy Qin
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