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About Us

Established in 2020, Plaisance Capital Management identifies and invests in biotechnology startups capable of making important differences in life science.


We work with world-class scientists, doctors, and entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between laboratory and clinic, and to accelerate breakthrough discoveries and novel therapies to clinical trials and patient beds. 

Image by NOAA
Image by Jeremy Bishop

A medical urgency is a humanitarian urgency.

As the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the world, bioscience has become more critical than ever. Medical advancement and patient welfare prove to have implications far beyond the healthcare field. Quicker, more efficient paths to health recovery serve a vital role in our society’s prosperity and stability. 

Plaisance is committed to empowering new treatment options and technology that advance the well-being of humanity. Through financial investment and consultation on pragmatic application, we seek to propel scientific research from theory to practice. 


The collective expertise of our team and advisors ensures that our investment approach is guided by science. 


Our research-driven investment procedure allows us to identify projects where we can provide the most effective assistance and resources for scientific founders and entrepreneurs. 

Dr. Ye Fu


Carolyn Zhao

Investment Associate

Dr. Wendy Liu


Nancy Qin

Office Manager

Dr. Diana West-Szymanski

Principal – Director of Operations

Venture Partner

Zhanpeng “Frederic” Jiang

Venture Partner

Advisory Board

Dr. Chuan He

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Xiang-Dong Fu

Advisory Board Member

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