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Zhanpeng “Frederic” Jiang

Venture Partner

Frederick is the Venture Partner of Plaisance Capital Management LLC. He brings to Plaisance 26 years of capital market and management experience gained through his investment and entrepreneurial career. 

Before co-founding Plaisance Capital, Mr. Jiang was the co-founder and Managing Partner of Coalescence Partners, a private equity and hedge fund management company based in Boston with offices in New York, Kansas City, and Beijing. Mr. Jiang separated from Coalescence in 2019 to focus solely on biotechnology venture investment and startup management.

Through his 26 years of investment career, Mr. Jiang has invested in many biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies globally, including: Celltrion Healthcare, Chipscreen Biotechnologies, Sun Pharma, Applied StemCell, Sinobiopharm, Lifetech Scientific, MitrAssist Ltd, Clover Health, HebeCell, among others. Mr. Jiang co-founded two biotechnology startups with cutting-edge technologies, Elixell Therapeutics Inc and AccuraDX Inc, which are based in Kansas City and Chicago. Mr. Jiang currently serves as the Chairman of the Board and Acting CEO of Epican Technologies, which focuses on developing cancer early detection, diagnosis and prognosis using cf-DNA and 5hmC technologies.

Zhanpeng “Frederic” Jiang
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